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Reality and dreaming feel the same whenever I'm with you

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Wednesday, January 28th, 2009
4:51 pm - Serious like a stripper pole
Oh God this took forever.



Sunday, December 28th, 2008
4:09 pm
This is a generic not-hiatus notice because my emotions are a playground and everyone is toying with them; thus, I do not know how focused I may be or could very well shortly become in the weeks ahead. My apologies in advance. I... will maybe start to feel better as soon as all the firsts get over with (as in, this is the first day I will ever not come home to my baby).

so that's Tot/Gohan/Ryomou/Ryoutarou/Xingba/this Chiaki/Barret

thanks guys

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Tuesday, December 23rd, 2008
Right I should... eventually get to this! I GUESS. Being as I am too lazy to think out lists and such, comment here and I will sort out what your characters are being given as presents from: Tot, Ryomou, Ryoutarou, Xingba and/or Chiaki. Gohan and Barret Do Not Celebrate the holiday, though if you are friendly with him, Gohan will probably send you a card.

Should you desire an IC thread, that can work too. BANDWAGON HO.

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Thursday, November 27th, 2008
11:24 pm - Secret Santa!
HELLO SANTA tot/gohan/ryomou/ryoutarou/xingba/chiaki/barret here has been ... well not very good or even good but ARGUABLY WELL-BEHAVED.

III... would love anything you can give me. ANYTHING. Because I love you (I DO) and I am easy like a Saturday morning.



Monday, September 29th, 2008
12:30 pm
It goes LIKE SO. You comment here and ASK A QUESTION it can be anything CFUD related, OOC, IC, Relationship, psychology, thoughts, whatever. I.E. My character's opinion of your character or maybe what you have been wondering about this behavior or that, or general thoughts on my characters or canons or what, who I might consider raping you into apping, etc.

WHEN I REPLY I will also ask you a question in turn!

In this way we talk at each other, which is fun.

I have nothing else to do today guys hau hau YOU BETTER ASK ME SOME FUN STUFF. I play Tot, Atsuko, Gohan, Ryomou, Ryoutarou, Gan Ning (Xingba) and Chiaki (the girl one).

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Tuesday, August 26th, 2008
4:24 pm
I have been doofing around with this journal all day and got bored so I went to do that Mash game and uh. Well.Collapse )

Bob you'll still feel manly driving that, right? I mean. You better.

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Sunday, August 24th, 2008
10:27 pm - A WORK IN PROGRESS; stats and permissions
Name: Chiaki Kounoike
Age: 16
Birthday: ... idk
Height: ?
Weight: ?
Eyes: Brown.
Hair: Dark brown/black.

Medical Info: Perfectly healthy unless I get Oh!Great'd o/ NOT LIKELY. She is a bouncy (... bouncy ...) teenage girl.

Physical traits: Giant Oh!Great hooters. Um. Yeah. Shoulder length dark hair, dark eyes, and girlparts that can handle Bob's massive ****. Or maybe that is a special ability HA HA HA. Oh I slay me.

What's Okay To Mention Around Her: She's pretty good with everything! I think. If not, Bob will deal with you.

Abilities: Tops this. Kufufu. She can also lie her ass off but that is... not so much an ability. Completely a normal girl!

Notes for the Psychics: She is probably thinking about schoolwork, or Bob, or sexing the Bob, or what she's going to make for dinner after sex with Bob, appointments, motorcycles... Yeah.

Can I shapeshift/bodyswap/spit at/step on/etc?: SURE. Let's do this thing.

Hugging/Kissing/Other non-violent physical contact: Go ahead, she's touchy-feely. She might even let you cop a feel if her boyfriend doesn't mind. But if she starts thinking you're taking it too far, well. She can and will call blackup.

Maim/Murder/Death: Uhhh THIS IS PROBABLY A BAD IDEA. The TenTen cast will not be happy. They are all kinds of scary rapists. Though if you beat up Bob you better beat Chiaki up too WE GO TOGETHER >( If you really want to kill her then... just. Be prepared to get a smackdown broughteth.

Cooking: Fuck yeah /o/ SHE IS A GREAT LITTLE COOK. Possibly the first one I have ever apped.


10:25 pm - THREE MIKE'S AND A DREAM; the app post
Character Name: Chiaki Kounoike
Age: 16
Series: Tenjou Tenge
Canon: So two knuckleheads---sorry, Knuckle Bombs---walk into a high school. The punchline? Their faces, when they decided to beat up everyone there and take over. A little girl winds up beating them both soundly and both earning their respect and loyalty. Soon they come together to be merry chums and fight everyone else enrolled at the school for fighters, Toudou Academy. Along the way came more flashbacks than anyone could ever shake a stick at ran and the plot was stuck on pause for a few volumes to get the past sorted out. That, in a nutshell, is Tenjou Tenge. ...More or less. Every club in the school fights to be number one, including the little girl and her bitches of the Jyuukenbu.

Chiaki Kounoike may not be a student at the all-fight-all-the-time academy, but given that her live-in boyfriend attends, she certainly has a few ties to it and the infamous Jyuukenbu. Somewhat typical of an Oh!Great girlfriend, she's sweet and fun-loving and tops her man a lot. Make no question about it, this girl wears the pants in their relationship. She can be a bit too playful at times, but it works out for those around her too, when she puts a bright spin on a bad situation. She sees no problem in lying to the people she cares most for to keep them happy and strong, and is an all-around happy and friendly person who takes things too far sometimes. She also loves to heartmark.

Sample App:

Hey, what's up guys? I just flew in and boy, are my arms tired! Okay, not really, but I think you get my drift. No, that's drift, not draft. I didn't really fly in on my own. And no way am I proving you right! What's with this 'heads you win, tails I lose' crap? Seriously! Grow up. And besides, there is no way I am jumping off the roof of anything to prove a point. Sorry. Though I guess if one of you wanted to take a flying leap off a skyscraper, I couldn't tell you not to... I'm kidding, I'm kidding! Don't be so down on yourselves. Or each other, either. No pushing!

Sigh. It's like I never left home. ♥

So why the long faces? Don't tell me you're disappointed! I'm not a daredevil, don't be crazy. We're not even talking about me anymore, see? We're talking about you boys! Isn't that just so much more interesting than me? Unless you want to talk about shoe shopping, or makeovers, or something like that. Hey, don't get all blue! Just take a couple of deep breaths there, see? Green is a much better colour on you. And I never thought I would mean that literally.

Sooo... are you really all this sad and alone or did your friends steal your jawbones to play a rousing game of horseshoes?

Ha ha, that second one, really? Boy, that's tough. Sorry. Would it make you feel any better if I said I'd help you if I could? And it's not a lie either, I promise. You can trust me. In fact, you know what I'm going to do for you? I'm going to be your impartial judge for this horseshoe tournament! That's what I'm going to do. Awfully nice of me, right? I know, I know. You really don't need to thank me.

... Really. Hands to yourself or I am keeping them over here in a box, mister, do you hear me?

Okay! Here goes nothing. In the blue corner, with six left feet and one shoehorn between them! The undead Captain Rob N. Brains and his crew! And in the red corner, and I can only hope is not really painted in blood, the pretty, um, mostly boys in black! With their black hair, black eye shadow, and crazy ninja weapons, they're a sight to see! E to the M to the Oh the humanity, it's Team Comcastic! Oooh, sponsorship! How lucky!

Yeah, yeah. I sure hope you see what I did there! It'd be hard to play otherwise, I imagine. Okay so we'll play rock-paper-scissors to decide who throws their opponent's bones at the stick first. Ready?

Ha ha! I think I'll just judge you from behind this rock. I can totally see the boundaries better this way. You just keep taking everything I say literally and go to town, okay? And no, I think I'll be able to tell who wins this round. Especially if you keep throwing rock.


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